Snow Day Workouts

Hi parents and students! I added this link to my website so that if for some reason we are out of school, you can still get in some exercise! As the students know, each time they enter the gym, they do a PE WOD: Physical Education Workout of the Day. You will find below, five different WOD's that you can do to get in some exercise on a snowy day! Enjoy! And parents, you're welcome to exercise alongside your child :) Remember to drink plenty of water and breathe!

WOD #1
15 push ups
25 squats
10 burpees
40 arm circles (20 forward and 20 backward)
30 second plank
WOD #2
30 mountain climbers
20 jumping jacks
10 stars
10 rainbow planks
30 high knees
WOD #3
20 second butterfly stretch
15 plank jacks
10 toe touch jump squats
30 line jumpers
20 alternating lunges
 WOD #4
10 burpees
10 stars
15 plank jacks
10 jump squats
25 high knees
WOD #5
15 second quad stretch
15 push ups
10 toe touch jump squats
10 three way planks
10 cat dogs


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