Perkins, E.


Miss Perkins & Ms. Mulligan's Fourth Grade Class
In fourth grade, students expand their knowledge and build upon skills acquired in the previous grades.  Students will learn so much and will develop into independent learners and critical thinkers. It is going to be a fantastic year filled with lots of learning and fun memories along the way.  It is my goal to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment in which students can grow, develop, and learn. 

This is my fifth year of teaching and enjoy learning new things and improving my practice every day!  In my free time, I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, and crafting.  I hope to instill the same love for reading in my students! Please feel free to reach out to me through email at any time!

Miss Perkins' Contact Information:
For Families: [email protected]
For Students: [email protected]