6th Grade English

Mrs. Edwards Room 15


Welcome to 6th grade English! This will be a very challenging year ahead of you. Below is a list of classroom rules and what you will need to be prepared for class.

Classroom Rules

1.  Always show respect for everyone in the classroom.

2.  Do not call out.

3.  If the teacher is talking, be quiet and attentive.

4.   Come to class on time, and follow the “Do Now” procedure.

5.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Bring to Class 

1. Pencil case full of needed supplies.  You must ALWAYS have something to write with.

2.  Reading book.

3.  Notebook

4. Any assigned homework or projects.

5. I will let you know when you need your Language Arts book.


Tests-30%, Projects-30%, Quizzes-20%, Homework/Participation-20%

After the first two weeks of school, going out to your locker for any reason results in a zero for daily participation.

Regular homework not presented in class is marked as a zero. Missed homework does count against your overall grade.

*Projects lose ten points per day until they are turned in. You must have projects ready to turn in at the start of class. No extra time is given and it is late.