Steel, C.


Godwin School

The focus of the first and second grade enrichment program at Godwin School is to enhance both the Social Studies curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards curriculum. Kindergarten enrichment includes some science but is primarily designed to develop a variety of "thinking skills," including convergent, deductive, analytical and spatial thinking. 

All classes in kindergarten, first and second grade receive one lesson per week.

Highland School

There are two different programs at Highland School: whole class lessons and pull-out classes for a select group who have demonstrated a readiness to take on an additional enrichment curriculum.

Whole Class lessons are designed to complement the Next Generation Science Standards curriculum being taught at each grade level. The entire grade level receives enrichment lessons once per week for one marking period per year. 

Pull-out enrichment at Highland is two periods per week for the select group of students at each grade level. These students are responsible for classwork they miss during our classes. We work on a variety of topics and units of interest, including research projects, collaborative projects, literature, and STEM activities.