Classroom Expectations

Google Classroom

Students are expected to follow the schedule posted in the Homeroom Google Classroom. That schedule will give guidance as to what is expected when in school and at home. When home please make sure to go to the appropriate Google Classroom at the scheduled time.


Math will start with Calendar Math via Google Meet, then direct instruction, ending with independent practice with teacher feedback. Science and Social Studies will be taught in the classroom and consist of direct instruction and independent practice with teacher feedback.


Classwork will be submitted differently depending on the assignment. Some assignments will be through Google Classroom, live during Google Meets, and some may be specific websites used to practice the content taught. Students are expected to complete assignments by their due dates. There will be two days to submit any missing assignment after its due date, however, points will be deducted. After the third day, students will earn a zero.

Contact the Teacher

Students will be able to contact me via Google Meet and email for periods 1 through 5 whether they are in school or at home. From 12:30 pm to 3:05 pm, I will be available to offer assistance and guidance to students via my Google email. My Google email is  The best email for parents to contact with any questions or concerns is

Google Meet

Google Meet will be used frequently for learning. The link for Google Meets will be at the top of the specific subject’s Google Classroom. Below is a list of expectations for learning via Google Meet/Chat.

Google Meet Manners

  • All students are required to show up at the scheduled time
  • Be respectful when speaking and typing
  • Dress appropriately - remember your classmates and teachers can see you
  • Refrain from chewing gum, eating, or drinking in front of the camera
  • The Chat/Hangout feature should only be used to discuss or ask questions pertaining to the lesson

Google Meet Location

  • Find a quiet place where you can focus with the least distractions (no siblings, pets, parents, or television)
  • Students should not be in bed when meeting virtually

Actions during Google Meet 

  • Maintain eye-contact
  • Stay on mute until you would like to ask a question or contribute to the conversation
  • Have video turned on to contribute to learning
  • When leaving the Google Meet (leaving the classroom) students should follow normal school rules for bathroom breaks
  • Limit movement to avoid causing a distraction to others

Google Meet Privacy

  • Do not share screenshots of any virtual meetings where student or teacher images are displayed
  • Do not copy, alter, or redistribute conferencing videos