Golden Sneaker/P.E. Medal

The Golden Sneaker: How is it earned?
-3rd & 4th grade students earn points at the end of their PE class based on their behavior and accountability.
-Up to 7 points can be earned. 1 point for preparedness. 1 point for being safe movers (no one goes to the nurse). Up to 5 points for sportsmanship and behavior.
-At the end of class, we sit in a circle and discussed how many points they have earned that day! The class with the highest average at the end of the month earns the golden sneaker and gets to keep it in their classroom until the month is up!

Gold Trophy.png

P.E. Medal
-During our accountability circle, the students nominate each other based on who they feel was really able to shine during the class. The students are given time to talk about wonderful things they noticed that their classmates did.
-After the kids nominate, I make the ultimate decision and choose out of the nominations, who earned the medal! That student gets to wear it for one week (it is kept in their classroom!)

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