Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

In this portion of the website you will find frequently referenced Highland School policies and procedures. Hopefully many of your questions can be answered with the information below, however, if this information does not help please feel free to contact my office.

Excused vs. Unexcused Absences

There are two types of absences; excused and unexcused. Simply said, Unexcused Absences DO NOT count toward total Absences while Unexcused Absences do.

  • Excused Absences: An absence is excused if it is accompanied by a doctors note (not a parent note), or for another unavoidable circumstance, i.e. funeral, in which parent documentation would suffice, or take your child to work day. Excused absences DO NOT COUNT towards total absences.

  • Unexcused Absences: Students are allowed 12 Unexcused Absences per school year. Unexcused absences can be used for sickness in which a student does not go to the doctor, family event, etc. Unexcused Absences are cumulative. After 12 students may be in danger of administrative action. (see absenteeism below)


Persistent absenteeism and tardiness create a genuine hardship for a student and are regarded as very serious problems by the school.  Parents will be made aware of absenteeism concerns according to the following response, with the exception for extended documented illness of which the school is aware. (see excused absneces above)

  1. If your child is absent for 4 days, a letter will be sent home alerting the parents of the situation by the Principal.

  2.  If your child is absent for 8 days, a second letter will be sent home requesting a parent conference.

  3. If your child is absent for 13 days, a mandatory conference will be scheduled with the Principal to discuss possible administrative action regarding attendance. 


Any child who arrives after 8:20am is considered tardy.  The child must report to the main office after this time.  Late arrivals disrupt class, causes a loss of instruction time for all, puts the late student at an instructional disadvantage and reinforces unacceptable work habits.  Tardiness, which is interfering with a child’s instructional program, may receive consequences according to the student code of conduct.

Dress Code

The basis for appropriate dress is safety, cleanliness, modesty, and impact on school climate.  Examples of inappropriate dress are bare midriffs and torsos, tank top shirts and spaghetti straps, excessively short skirts or shorts, clothing with inappropriate sayings or images and unsafe footwear such as flip-flops, or backless shoes.  Students may not wear hats in the building. Students may be removed from the classroom to phone a parent to bring new attire.


Cell Phones

Cell phones have become commonplace in today’s world but we discourage their use among elementary students.  Cell phones must be off or set to vibrate between the hours of 8:20am and 2:50pm.  Any cell phone use during the school day, without administrative approval will result in loss of the privilege.


Lunch Procedure

Periods at Highland School are 45 minutes. Students get roughly 21 minutes to eat, and 21 minutes for recess. In order for everyone to get an opportunity to eat, lunch must move smoothly. Students can bring lunch in which they are seated immediately or students can buy lunch. Students who buy lunch are the first into the cafeteria. The Pomptonian Food Service along with the Highland lunch aides insure that the last student on line will be given at least 10 minutes to eat. (If needed, they can also be given extra time) Hot lunches SHOULD NOT be purchased on the outside and brought to school to be given to the student i.e., Burger King, pizza, etc.  Our office staff is very busy and cannot be responsible with getting hot lunches to the students.  It is your responsibility to ensure your child comes to school with lunch and/or money each day.  Your efforts in resolving these concerns are very much appreciated. Students are not permitted to go home or out for lunch.

  • Grades 3, & 4  Period 5: 11:36am – 12:21pm

  • Grades 5, & 6  Period 6: 12:23pm – 1:08pm

Lunch Money 

Please also be informed there has been an increase in the requests by students for lunch slips, meaning they have either lost their lunch, their money, or have forgotten their lunch. 

Your help is needed to assure your child comes to school with lunch and/or money. Students’ not paying outstanding debts after the second lunch slip, will be given a cheese sandwich for lunch.

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