Mrs. Kilgallen

Math ~ Grade 5

Highland School

  • Be prepared!  You must have the following in class EACH DAY:

    • Make sure you have your morning materials.  Check the SMART Board for your daily list. 

    • 3 - #2, pencils

    • Dry-erase markers

    • Smart Pal

    • Book to read (one where you can touch the pages)

    • Chromebook

    • Headphones

  • Be Punctual!

    • Please gather your materials and get here as soon as you can!  Please complete any assignment that may be waiting for you as soon as you enter.  It is important that we get the most accomplished in the time given.

  • Do your homework!

    • Homework must be completed at home to the best of your ability! We would like to get a handle on what each student understood the night before to ensure we are ready for the next lesson.

    • Homework will be checked for completeness, neatness, and effort demonstrated.

    • Homework must be written down in your planner EVERYDAY the way it appears on the homework board in the room.

    • Homework Policy: Homework is worth one point.  A point will be taken away if the homework is not completed. 

  • Be responsible!
    • If you are absent, please see us about make-up work you missed your first day back to school.  It is your responsibility to see that work is made up quickly.  If you miss class but are in school (band lesson, enrichment…) you are expected to come see us and complete any homework/classwork that you missed.  If you are in school the day a test is announced but absent on the day of the test, you will be expected to take the test immediately upon returning to school.

  • Be organized!
    • Keep all of your worksheets, graph paper, etc. in your MATH FOLDER.  When homework is assigned, put your worksheets right into the correct folder, and they stay THERE!  We will periodically clean out folders upon completion of chapter work. This goes for all folders.  Each subject has its own folder for this reason.