ART ......beyond the Art Room!

This page is a good one to check out when school is closed. Try the activities below.  If you go to Godwin School, you might want some help reading about the art and artist, but have fun doing the activities. Make sure you ask a grownup before you take any special art materials!
Frank Stella Jarama II  
This site is a fast fun site that will introduce you to the work of 20th century artist
  Frank Stella.
Tissot Hide and Seek  

This next site shows a painting from 1877. Look at all the wonderful textures the artist has used!

George Catlin spent many years painting pictures of Native Americans.  His
paintings have much to teach us.
Here's one more site with a lot of great off line activities that are perfect for a day at home. It comes to us from a Museum in England called the Tate.
Tate Kids Create
I hope  you enjoyed these websites. There are so many art things you can do
on an inside day! You could always illustrate your favorite book or story. You can make finger puppets of your favorite characters. Make a paper ring that fits your finger. Draw, color and cut out the characters from a story you like. Tape each character to a paper ring. Now you can act out the story! Have fun!