School Closed. Now what can I do?
  •  Grades 3 through 6 Enrichment Should go to their Google Classroom

  • Grades Kindergarten through 2 should go to the Godwin Link on the left. 

  • Below are other activities you might enjoy:

  • Watch this: Khan Academy Fun Math Tricks

    Doodling in Math, Brain Teasers, and Probability Challenges. "That is so cool" is what everyone says about these short videos. Check them out!!
  • Improve your math and reading skills
  • ABCYA has many games and activities for both reading and math skill building. You will learn and practice while you play. First select your grade level, then chose from dozens of tasks to challenge and hone your skills. 
  • Are you curious about world geography?  Take the daily quiz with questions just like the real National Geographic Bee. (You can find the link in the box on the right side of the page.) While you are here, take a look around the whole site. 

  • Learn some geography

    Geography is the study of the earth's surface. That means climate, continents, plants, animals, resources, countries, cities, people, etc. Try these games from Shephard's Software to learn about the world you live in. You can explore the whole world, learn the names of all the states, capital cities, and so much more.