DiPaola, K.

Welcome to Ms. DiPaola's Class!

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Contact information: kdipaola@mpsnj.org

Ms. DiPaola is very excited to be returning for her second year as a teacher in the Midland Park community. Ms. DiPaola graduated from Montclair State University with her Master's degree in Elementary and Special Education. Ms. DiPaola is co-teaching again with Ms. Walsh in third grade! Ms. DiPaola is very passionate about teaching and helping each student reach his or her maximum potential. Outside of school, Ms. DiPaola enjoys to read, dance, and ride her bike to get exercise. Ms. DiPaola and Ms. Walsh spent time planning for this school year this summer and we are so excited for our year together! Ms. DiPaola cannot wait to see the growth that each student makes throughout the school year! She looks forward to getting to know more about you as the year progresses!

Please see below for some information about our curriculum in third grade! Reading and Writing Workshop

In third grade, reading and writing will be taught through a workshop model. Within the workshop structure, teachers are able to address the whole group’s needs, as well as differentiate for the needs of small groups and individual students. During workshop, we:

  • Model reading and writing in front of students
  • Spend time engaged in independent reading and writing
  • Share writing by helping us, as well as their classmates, compose, revise or edit a piece of writing
  • Share in the reading by utilizing partner reading strategies
  • Meet with students by guiding their reading and writing


Over the past few years, we have been engaging in math PD to revamp our math curriculum.  Our math instruction is supported through a daily review and preview of concepts through Calendar Math. We keep a balance of fluency of facts and problem solving. Students also work in centers to reinforce the skills they are learning.

Time and money are second grade skills that should be mastered. They are important life skills. Please practice these skills at home over the summer.

Science/Social Studies

We alternate teaching Science and Social Studies within each marking period.  Science will focus on the Next Generation Science Standards. We will continue to use the online Discovery Education Techbook, which the students will be able to access at school and at home. In Science we will be touching upon topics in physical science, life science, and earth science. Note taking is practiced, usually through vocabulary. Our Social Studies units focus on different communities, both past and present, in the United States. In both Social Studies and Science, we do many projects and hands on activities to enhance the content. Students work in groups frequently. This helps them practice the importance of being good team members and practice the skill of collaborating with their peers.


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