Social Studies
During our first Social Studies unit, we will be learning the five major regions of the U.S. That means students will have to identify the states and capitals of that region, locate those states on a blank region map, and describe the land (climate, land forms, natural resources, industries, etc.) Sounds like a lot, we know. No worries! We will take it one region at a time. Students will be quizzed on the information between regions so that it’s not too overwhelming. At the very end of this unit, students will have a BIG states test. For this test, students will have to identify and locate all 50 states on a blank U.S. map. In addition, students will also create a travel brochure, so it will be helpful if they keep all of the information they receive this marking period in their folder, rather than tossing it away after each region. In the Symbaloo below, you will find helpful websites for this Unit on the very top of the grid. Enjoy!