Awesome Art

Some artists, like Van Gogh, are very famous but there are lots of other artists and types of art that are not as famous, but are still interesting and fun to look at! This page has some of them!

I bet you can’t guess what the artist Haroshi used to make this Hammerhead Shark . Click on the link below the picture to find out!

 Hammerhead shark Haroshi

 Skateboard art is another art form, but probably known best to the people that use them! Did you know there was an exhibit of skateboard art in Atlanta in 2012?  
The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC also recognizes Skateboard art!

Skateboards and Invention

Comic books have been around quite a while too!
Lichtenstein is a famous pop artist who used comic book style in his work.
Lichtenstein OhhAlright
The Art Institute of Chicago has an exhibit of
Lichtenstein's work.
Jerry Siegel is one of the creators of Superman comics.

Superman Jerry Seigel  

Now comic books are sometimes referred to as graphic novels. 

Manga is a Japanese art form that is very popular.  There are many popular graphic artists.

Another very contemporary form of art is Digital art. The Digital Art Museum showcases some
of the artists that have pioneered this style.
Lines in Space Charles Csuri
Lines in Space by Charles Csuri uses a face and many lines.
Photoshop Elements is software that makes digital art fun to do. This link gives you ideas on how to create comic book art using the special effects available through Photoshop.


The Smithsonian Institute has an exhibit on
The Art of Video games.
Click on the link below to see the videos of
 this very current art form.
Do you have a favorite type of art or artist that
belongs on this list?
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