Mrs. D's Good Behavior Policy

Mrs. D's Behavior Expectations/Rewards

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"How Did We Do!?"
-This year the students will in health class will be given four simple rules to follow:

1) Be safe
2) Make good choices
3) Respect ourselves, others, and things
4) Do your best

-At the end of each class, we will see how we did as a class. The students will hold up either 4, 3, 2, or 1 finger to represent how many students they felt followed the rules of the class. 4 fingers means all of the students followed the rules. 3 means most of the students followed the rules. 2 means about half of the students followed the rules. 1 means only a few students followed the rules. I will put the number I feel they earned on a piece of paper. If the majority of the class picks the number I picked for that class, they will get that number of points! If the students choose a different number, they will receive zero points for that class.

-The winners will be the classes that have the highest average! This year there will be TWO winners at the end of each quarter. Both winners will be from any of my 3-5th grade Health classes.  The team that has the highest point average at the end of each quarter will win an EXTRA P.E. CLASS!
***Please see the Health Behavior Chart section of this site to see exactly what your students will have in their classroom!!!***

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