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Highland Lockers

New Lockers!!!

In Highland, Lockers play a big role in storing books and school supplies but they have become much more than that. Decorations have taken control of space in the locker. People have been decorating their lockers with things such as rugs, wallpapers, mirrors, and more. All the decorations take up a lot of space. Sixth and fifth graders don’t have to worry about this anymore after the February break. Our present is something we’ve been excited about for a long time, bigger lockers. Over the February semi-break the 2nd floor hallways will be changing. Instead of the small half lockers, we will be getting full sized lockers which are easier in many ways. One difficulty in the past, other than space issues, is that the person on the top has to work around the person on the bottom and the person on the bottom has to work around the person on the top. Say that five times fast! Almost every fifth and sixth grader are really excited about this change of bigger lockers. After being rescheduled two times the lockers were something definitely worth waiting for.  

S.T. 5-2

Environmental Club

Protecting the environment is the goal of this club, led by Mr. Hershberger. Ever seen the ink cartridge bin in the computer lab? You can recycle used or expired ink cartridges from your computer, and Mr. Hershberger can exchange them for money for the school. Every cartridge is worth two dollars. Now the environmental club has put compost bins by the ramp outside to reduce the amount of trash we throw away. Seen them? The club has also put up signs in the cafeteria promoting the compost. Even the lunch ladies are pitching in! All their food scraps are put in the compost, as well as teachers’ coffee grinds. A film on the wonders of compost starring Gabriella Rotseart and Maya Gryscovik, directed by Highland Roar’s own Tommy Faber is coming out soon. Interested in joining? Meeting dates are posted on Mr. Hershberger’s computer lab page on the school website.

By J. T.

Highland Music Curriculum

follow in their footsteps Music curriculum in Highland School is one of the best around. We have many different options to show our musical talent- chorus, band, and jazz band. In the subject of chorus, we have a fourth grade chorus, a fifth grade chorus. The fourth graders start working on three songs towards the beginning of the school year and perform in the spring concert, however they do not perform in the winter concert. Both the sixth and fifth grade choruses work on 3 songs and perform them in the winter concert. The sixth graders put on a musical during the spring after a brilliant show during the winter. Last year the sixth graders put on a fantastic show of the Wizard of Oz, and the sixth graders this year intend to follow in their footsteps and dazzle the crowd. For the fifth graders, they get another three songs that they perform in the spring concert. Ms. Angulo-Pizzaro teaches all three choruses and organizes their performances.

Alongside the choruses, there are three different bands ,the beginner band consisting of all of the fourth graders; this being their first year in band. All three of the bands are under the supervision of Mr. Peters. Advanced band consists of fifth and sixth graders, this being their second and third years in band. But there is also one more band that only advanced band members can join which is the jazz band. The jazz band only accepted certain instruments such as: the trumpet, the saxophone, the trombone, the drums, and the piano. Our school has many activities that are open to all of the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.

By: T. F. and J. P.

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