Raise the Curtain Campaign

"Raise the Curtain Campaign"

Recent News: 
   Due to end of year donations and some unexpected purchases through school funds, we have completed a few upgrades over the summer! We have added stage microphones that allow performers without microphones to be heard through the sound system. We have added several LED lights to our existing set-up, tapped our existing lighting into the new wireless system, and purchased a spot light and GOBO light to be used during the musical. The Music Room has been upgraded with a SMARTBoard system and the Band Room has received the Music Library Storage System. Both of these upgrades have allowed us to take advantage of additional space in the classrooms. Now we set our sights on Acoustical Panels for the gym walls!

Upcoming Events:
All proceeds will go towards Acoustical Panels for the Gym
  Purchase an ad for the Spring Concert Program
Our Mission: To raise funds for upgrades and additions to the Performing Arts facilities at Highland School, in order to increase student focus and learning in the classroom and provide a venue that is much more appropriate for all events that take place in Highland School.
These include:

   -Winter and Spring Concerts

   -6th Grade Musical

   -Talent Shows (Godwin and Highland)

   -Cultural Fair



   -Meetings of Organizations


Who We Are: This is a joint effort between Mr. Peters, Ms. Angulo-Pizarro and YOU, the parents of Midland Park
How You Can Help:
   1. Participate in fundraising events

Our goal
has been split into three Stages, improvements for the stage, the music classrooms and the gym. Each Stage will be completed before the next one is funded. Price quotes for items in Stage 3 are not yet available, but it is estimated to cost approximately $20,000. The entire ‘Raise the Curtain Campaign’ will need approximately $85,000 to be completed.

Stage 1: The Highland School Stage - Total Estimated Cost $36,980   COMPLETED!
  • Upgraded Stage Lighting ($8,750)    COMPLETED!
  • Upgraded Sound System ($15,000) - COMPLETED!
  • Stage Extension for Band Performances ($2,300) - COMPLETED!
  • Stage Curtain ($10,930) - COMPLETED!
Stage 2: Music and Band Rooms - Total Cost $18,617
  • Soundproofing for the wall that separates the Music and Band Rooms ($1,160) - The wall is currently not sound proof, making teaching music and band classes simultaneously very difficult. This will reduce the sound bleeding between the two rooms, allowing for increased student focus.
  • 2 additional Band Instrument Storage Cabinets ($1,635) - The band has grown in size and additional instrument storage cabinets are necessary.
  • Music Library System ($3,544) COMPLETED!
  • Upgraded Music Room Sound System and Technology Integration ($10,500) COMPLETED!
  • 2 additional General Music Storage Cabinets ($1,778)  COMPLETED!
Stage 3: The Highland Gym - Total Cost (Estimated) $23,000
  • Upright Piano (Estimated $8,000) - This will be used in the Music Room and for all performances in the Gym. One of the current pianos will be decommissioned and the other will be used for rehearsals and any situation that requires excessive movement of the piano itself.
  • Acoustical Paneling for the Gym Walls (Estimated $15,000) - These panels will absorb sound, which will reduce the echo in the Gym and increase the acoustic clarity for the audience. They will also reduce noise levels during gym classes and sporting events, making it easier to coach students in these noisy environments.
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