Practice Log #1 is due on November 3.
4th Graders: It should have a total of 450 minutes to receive an A.
5th & 6th Graders: It should have a total of 6300 minutes to receive an A.

All practice logs are expected to be submitted through Google Classroom. Please email Mr. Peters if you have an issue! 
On this page you will find resources to use during your daily practice (especially on Snow Days!). Resources are listed by instrument. Scroll down to your instrument and click the links to download the resources. These should be used only after you have worked on all music we have been working on in class.
At-home Practice Tips: 

1. Find a spot in the house and make it the “Practice Room.” Whether it’s an area in the bedroom, the office or the basement, having a dedicated space for practice will keep things from getting lost and will allow for quick set-up.

2. Dedicate a time each day for practice. Adding instrument practice into the homework routine is a great way to minimize arguments. This also helps to keep practicing from “bothering” siblings while they are trying to do their own work.

3. Use a metronome or clap the beat for your child. Musician’s need a steady beat to practice correctly. Especially when starting out, it is difficult to do this on your own. You may purchase a metronome for under $20. Also, there are many free metronome apps and websites or you can get involved and clap a steady beat for your child! Musician's Kit is a highly recommended free app.

4. Have your child perform for you. Showing you are interested in their instrument will encourage them to be more interested in practicing. Have a weekly performance, where your child picks one song they worked on all week and performs it before dinner for the family. With the holidays approaching, short performances for extended family are fun as well! Maybe there is a cousin who plays an instrument too and they can play together! 

All Instruments: - Once on the main page, select "Sight Read" at the top. Follow the instructions to create music to sight-read, click on "Another one" to play a new song!
Alto Saxophone:
Tenor Saxophone: 
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